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Machinery & Equipment, Aircraft and Aviation Assets
 Aircraft and Aviation Assets
Russian Space Shuttle Burn Model
    for Testing for Unmanned Space Tests
Special Use Aircraft
Firefighting Tankers
Corporate Aircraft 
The only Brewster Buffalo in Existence
We value a wide range of aircraft including Commercial Aircraft, Corporate Aircraft, GA and Special Use Aircraft.  Additionally we have valued numerous Historic Aircraft for various purposes including Charitable Donation.

Aviation Assets include Engines, Aircraft Spare Parts Inventories, Engine Test Cell Facilities, Ground Support Equipment, Maintenance Shop M&E and Deicing Equipment. 

  Historic Aircraft
 Machinery & Equipment
Aircraft Deicing Equipment
Wire Drawing Facility
Mulcher Facility
Liquid Pouch Packaging Equipment
Bottling Faclity
Machinery & Equipment projects include a wide range of equipment and facilities such as: Construction equipment; Manufacturing Facilities; Food, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Facilities; Powder Metal Facilities; Plkastics Injection Moulding Facilities & Moulds; Medical Equipment; Restaurants; Etc.